Im looking for a new supplier in castor oil pigment dispersions. I have been evaluating some samples of suppliers that I have got in touch,in IN COSMETICS GLOBAL 2017. Has anyone used Koel Colors?Any good feedback?
I work in a small scale industry, at the moment we do not have a 3 roll milling machine, so we have to look for dipersed pigments.
Thank you in advance for your time.


  • Check with Neelikon, they are also India based.
  • thank you @Chemist77
    have you tried Either KOEL or NEELIKON dispersions?
  • We tried Koel very long back but tbh they were no match against Sun Chemicals (not sure if they still retain the same name) & LCW. 
  • thank you @Chemist77 for your response.
  • @marytsiang if you are looking for SMALL moq on premade dispersions, TKB trading make their own and they are online.  Sensient also has 1 and 5kg sizes on a lot of their various dispersions.  Koel was at Supplier's Day but I haven't tested their dispersions because I create are own in-house dispersions being that all I do is color.  But, for my dispersions, I still cannot go as low in terms of quantity as TKB (they sell as tiny as 2 ounces I think).  Every place will blend theirs differently.  I prefer very saturated colors so rather than tweak dispersions from suppliers, it was just more logical to do my own.  Kobo also has some great dispersions.  Never tried Sun.  There are also some labs that only do dispersions, just use google. 
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  •  I have used SENSIENT and SUN,both excellent quality, but I would like to have lower price options as well. That's why I looked for Koel.  My only concern is the matter of compliance to certifications. For example I know that sensient and sun, do meet all the criteria.And I dont know what exactly to demand on a NEW supplier of pigments. @Nancy_Colors Thank you,I really appreciate your experience
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