liquid lipstick balls up

 Hi everyone, I am Andrew from PR. Thanks to Perry for accepting me in the forum. Me and my wife recently started to develop a liquid lipstick matte formula. We did an extensive research about formulation and decided to pursue it. For being first timers I think we are in a good path. We like the color, the consistency and emulsion don't spread apart. the problem that we are having Is that after 5 minutes of applied on the lips it balls up and the color fades. Which could be the problem? This is our 3rd batch and did some mods but the same happens.The ingredients are the following:
  • isododecane 48%
  • trimethylsiloxysilicate 4%
  • polyproylsilsesquioxane 4%
  • coco-caprylate 0.8% 
  • castor oil 18%
  • sunflower wax: 4%
  • Silica 1.5%
  • Kaolin 1.5%
  • Red 40. 1.5%
  • Titanium Dioxide 2%
  • Octyldodecanol 10%
  • Mica  4%
  • others < 1%

We appreciate very much your help. Thanks.


  • The castor oil might be breaking up the film. Try replacing it with more isododecane to see if it helps. 
  • increase the sunflower and isododecane, and reduce the castor oil, which is quite heavy, sticky and quite may have an emulsion problem if it looses its consistency and balls up. you have to look for an ingredient or a fixed mixture of igredients that combine your formula, and gives constistency and viscosity.
  • Hi guys, Thank you very much for your responses. I will be working with the recommendations provided to see how it works. In addition, there is any fragrance that smooth out the sunflower wax scent? 
  • check for the fragrance companies and ask for samples, but only DO use flavor for the lipstick area.. 
    Something food grade. There are a lot of options, 
  • Thank you very much marytsiang.
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