WW Shortage of Raws

I have been hearing from different sources that there is a shortage in many products and it's going to get worse. Word on the street is the closure of factories in China is the main reason, and the fire on the BASF factory in Germany. A couple of suppliers have told me that this might be as bad as the shortage back in the 70's (I have no idea, but this might give some of you a picture).

Have this affected to any of you?. I already had an increase on silicones and fragrances.

BTW, this is also a heads up, if your suppliers haven't increased the prices they will soon, so it's a good time to get stock if you are on time. I've heard that prices of vitamin A and E will go high, and the price of fragrances will increase too. It seems that the BASF factory is really big and the rest of the manufacturers can't cover the demand.


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