1,3 propanediol alternatives

Have a client that want no glycerin, no PG, no BG, and no 1,3 propanediol... would sorbitol be a suitable replacement?  Any suggestions. This is suppose to go into an all natural or close to natural line of topical products.


  • I guess it depends on what you're adding it for but as a humectant Sorbitol should work.
  • I wanted as a humectant and to give similar slip feel to a lotion, cream and personal lube product.
  • Sorbitol is very sticky.
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  • @Bobzchemist do you have any suggestions? I was thinking about do a 70% soln of xylitol. 
  • Try an aqueous solution of D Panthenol.
  • Like a 5% aqueous soln of D Panthenol?
  • That will work but highly effective humectant so a 5% stock solution can be diluted in final product as low as 1%( active).Also you can use a 1% solution of hyaluronic acid wihch is available commercially also highly effective at 0.05 to 0.1%.

    If I was using this in as a personal lubricant could I use either at minimum 30% in final product?  I am very interested in the hyaluronic acid and its use on mucosa tissue.
  • Can you use Caprylic.capric triglyceride in your lotion and cream?  That will give you slip.
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