Edible Lickable gel

Trying to make a gel that can be lickable of the skin with good flavor.  Trying not to use glycerin, PG, or Zemea because the taste is "sweet" but can create a frown.  I have used avocado oil but it made it opaque. I would like to keep it translucent at best. Any Ideas????


  • Edible gums?
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  • Like what?  I am using xanthan gum but I am looking at something that will act like Zemea, PG, or glycerin without using those items.. suggestions
  • I remember long time back coming across SISTERNA, check and you will find a starting formulation for an edible cream. Gel not too sure tho.
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    You will likely have to foray into flavoring components, an area more developed in Food Science. The base can be made safe and translucent.

    Basically you could make a thickened simple solution (i e gel) and then solubulize the flavoring agents.

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  • I would look at food gelling agents and food flavours. This article has a lot of information


  • Thanks ozgirl!!!!
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