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I have a problem to using SLES
If i use sles 1 EO the formula is ok, but with sles 2 eo, viscosity of finish product down. How can I do?



  • Increase the thickener.
  • Hi BoB,

    I am using Salt as the thickener but sles 2 eo need more salt than sles 1 eo and the performance is not good. 
  • You can add some acid too.
  • Why don't you just use sles-1? What other SAA are you using?
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    What is SAA? I am using sles-1 in hand wash, shower product. but
    Sles-1 is irritance than sles-2. so my boss ask me change. 
  • Saa is surfactant and ocular irritation of sles1and 2 are about the same but the boss is the boss.Add PEG 6000 distearate to increase viscosity If you are not able for whatever reason to add more salt.If you need lather boost with 2 add Cocamido propyl betaine.
  • thanks Bob. I am still on going to develop the formula
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