Storing my product in the refrigerator?

I have batches of my cream moisturizer packed in aluminum tubes. I am just wondering if it is worth storing them in a refrigerator or beverage cooler in around 40-45 degrees. Will it help prolong shelf life or should I just store them at room temperature?

I am using euxyl pe 9010 as the preservative and my formula contains oils that were emulsified.


  • @jackleon80s as long as you have the right amount of preservative you don't have to store it in a refrigerator. Room temperature would be fine. What is your preservative btw?
  • Euxyl PE 9010. Any remarks?
  • Depends on what you're doing with your moisturizer. Refrigeration could extend shelf life from 1-3 years. If you're selling it, this won't make a difference. But if it's just for you, it could mean being able to use your moisturizer for a good bit longer.
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