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Problem in adjust PH of the BHA toner.

Hello everyone. I dissolved 2% Salicylic Acid in Butylene Glycol and Propanediol with heat. It was completed dissolved and turn to a clear liquid, I added Polysorbate 20 to S.A liquid. Then I heated the water with EDTA , and mixed both together. It still be dissolved, but when I adjust the PH with TEA ( about 0.5%), the S.A turned recrystallization totally.  People intellectual here please let me know, what can I do to fix or remake the new batch with any changing. THANKS IN ADVANCE. 


  • Presumably triethanolamine salicylate is insoluble, as you appear to have discovered. Check with Google.
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  • Something else is going on Tea SAlicylate is soluble in water and glycols.Please provide complete formula for help.
  • Do you have unreacted TEA prior to adding the SA?
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