Problem in adjust PH of the BHA toner.

Hello everyone. I dissolved 2% Salicylic Acid in Butylene Glycol and Propanediol with heat. It was completed dissolved and turn to a clear liquid, I added Polysorbate 20 to S.A liquid. Then I heated the water with EDTA , and mixed both together. It still be dissolved, but when I adjust the PH with TEA ( about 0.5%), the S.A turned recrystallization totally.  People intellectual here please let me know, what can I do to fix or remake the new batch with any changing. THANKS IN ADVANCE. 


  • Presumably triethanolamine salicylate is insoluble, as you appear to have discovered. Check with Google.
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  • Something else is going on Tea SAlicylate is soluble in water and glycols.Please provide complete formula for help.
  • Do you have unreacted TEA prior to adding the SA?
  • I would guess SA alone recrystallizes. The process of recrystallization starts when you add water and EDTA
  • I agree---you are drowning out the salicylic acid similar to a re-recrystalliztion  process.
  • @roserose
    What is your final pH + whole formula?
  • What is your total percent of water added?

    As an experiment, try the same formula and process and try adjusting the pH with sodium hydroxide solution.
  • Sounds like you are adding to much TEA and therefore raising the pH above 4.0 and the salicylates are crystalizing out.  Try adjusting your pH to no higher than 3.5 to 3.7.  You could also add 1% Sodium Citrate to your brew to help keep the SA in solution.
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