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Help! Toner is sticky!

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Here's a rundown:
Salicylic Acid-1

Glycolic Acid-1
Sodium Lactate-1
Multifruits BSC-0.5
Quinoa Extract-0.5

C. PEG-40 HCO-1

The problem with my toner is that it is sticky. I lessen the % of Sodium lactate from 2.5 to 1. Still sticky. Any thoughts?


  • It's probably the ethanol. I did not find a way around this. However, the effect should go away in a few minutes.
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  • Betaine tends to be quite sticky.  If your Multifruits BSC are in a glycerine base, that could be another contributing factor.
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  • Silicone polyol DC  193 (1-2%) 
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