Herbal extracts with alcohol. How to use them in skin care creams?

Most botanical extract makers do extracts with alcohol rather than with glycerin. Alcohol is preferable menstruum, but what is the correct method of using them in face skin creams? Is it required to evaporate the alcohol from extract before using? Who has such experience?  


  • I have added herbal extracts in alcohol to a base cream without any problems. Which glycetracts are you looking for? I may be able to help with a supplier.
  • No, evaporating the alcohol from the extract is not required, nor something you should do.  The tiny amount of alcohol you get from the extract will not have any noticeable impact of the performance of the formula.
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    I have  lilac tincture. I would like to have lilac extract in under eye treatment. But not sure  if I may add tincture directly into the base lotion. One of my friends suggested to evaporate the tincture in vacuum. This is not an easy task. A special evaporator is required. I would like to know if somebody has used tinctures in lotions and how the final product becomes. I made infused oil of lilac, but this is not exactly what I need.  
  • With the levels that these tinctures go in, the alcohol is usually negligible. Evaporating in a vacuum is overkill and would be difficult to replicate on a Commercial basis.
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  • Look for a supplier who offers the extract in propylene glycol or propanediol.
  • Since the lilac tincture will have zero effect on your skin anyway, you should be using just a tiny amount of the tincture in your product (less than 0.10%). The little bit of alcohol in that amount of your tincture will not affect your formulation.
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  • Usually I add botanical extracts in 5-8%. But they are based on Glycerin and water. What if someone add tincture in 5%  amount? How the alcohol will affect on emulsion and skin? 
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