Gelling agent ...Emulsifier

I have seen raw materials being called gelling agents (Gelaid CPE / Emulsil WSL / EMT-10).  

When I asked the vendor(s) could these material be used as an emulsifier they didn't know?  If they can how should I use them? Would a cellulose gum help?



  • Yes you can. If they are powder in appearance, you should mix them first with water until they are fully hydrated. If you use wax or pellet or liquid type, mix them with your oil phase (with heating). This is how I deal with emulsifiers.
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    Normally gelling agents do not have emulsifier properties. Those you have listed have the property to emulsify (because are composed by more than one ingredient) and better they can be used in cold process! I believe those are on the expensive part of ingredients ;)

  • Thanks for the answering!!!
    Another question!!!

    Would it be advisable to add a percentage more of another emulsifier to the gelling agent to ensure stability?
  • You don't need to add more emulsifiers as long as you are in the range of those products you mentioned in your first post. Get from the manufacturer more information regarding those products before using them! 
    Regarding stability, before fixing something check if it needs to be fixed ;) Do some stability tests and if everything is fine don't add ingredients which will only make the final product more expensive. 

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