Micro wax to beeswax

hi im currently using a 50/50 microwax to beeswax formulation

bewswax yellow 10g
white beeswax (beads) 5g
microwax 15g

i want to try a 70/30 and 80/20 ratio on them micro wax is higher since its more playable. But thinking I would sacrifice hold. 

Any idea on this? 


  • Cosmetic chemistry is all about experimentation - you need to try it and see for yourself.
    Robert Zonis, Sr. Formulation Chemist, Beaumont Products "All opinions and comments expressed are my own, have no relation to Beaumont Products, are fully copyrighted, and may not be used without written permission."
  • Hi bob thanks! Went thru 11 ratios this week to be honest and I'm digging the 7th one and kinda sticking to it. Thanks!
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