The difference in the ingredients

Hello everybody!

I reviewed a variety of materials and discussions about ceteareth -20, - 25, but the answer did not find one, and now I want to ask you for help. Can someone tell the difference between ceteareth 20 and ceteareth 25?  And what is better to use in waterbase pomade? 


  • Ceteareth 25 is more waxy because of higher eo content and will add viscosity and rheology  control compared to 20.Both are good oil/water emulsifiers with similar HLb values of 15.2 for 20 and 16.3 for 25.You can also blend them if desired to tailor the foregoing properties.In a water based pomade i would lean to 25.
  • Thank you very much, DRBOB@VERDIENT.BEZ for your answer. 

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