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I am new here and I am interested in starting a cosmetics line, particularly focusing on lip products. I'm doing my initial research and may initially go Private Label. I eventually want to have a custom products with my own specially designed packaging since PL packaging is usually very basic. Is this something that cosmetic manufacturers do as well or would I have to contract a different company just for the packaging? Would I be able to find someone to do it all, formulation and custom packaging (including the tube and outer box). Thanks in advance. 


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    Just to have a special design for a shampoo costs typically thousands of dollars to have the mould created for the PIM machine. I imagine this could easily double or treble for a custom lipstick tube. I doubt that anyone pays close attention to the tube design.
    I have personally created our own custom box packaging for our most upmarket product, which is in an airless pump package. The pump alone costs about $3 per item. Then there is the label for the pump; we created the graphics for that and a friend who is the director of a large-format print company ran them off for me. They would cost about 35c each. Then we designed a box. This was not difficult, I found box designs on the Web; I picked several, printed them on card and cut/folded them. We picked the best and, again, after designing the graphics for it, my friend found a local firm to print and cut the box. We fold them and stick them ourselves as we need them. What you will need is a graphic designer (we have one in-house) and a good print company.
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