How to Increase Thermal Stability and Freeze Thaw Stability of an Anhydrous Product

Hi, all! I'm facing some difficulties during my formulation. Currently I have a project on a hot poured cream foundation and this is my first time to make a hot poured cream. Here are the problem I'm facing, hope you can advice:
1. During heating process, there are lot of bubbles produced and make me can't pour a nice and smooth surface. I wonder is it due to the high temperature or stirring method...
2. The cream foundatin produced is stable under room temperature, light and freeze but does not stable under 40C and 50C as well as freeze thaw. It is sweating and perhaps form some dots on the surface. May I know the reason behind? Any idea on how to solve the issue? 

Thank you very much in advance! 

Newbie of formulation


  • Try filling when it is not too hot, around 5 degrees C above the setting point. If stability at high temperatures is poor try including a wax with a higher melting point. Hope this helps.
  • @Chemist79  Hi, I've tried according to your advice and the product has no more sweating!  I will continue to observe its stability! Thank you for your useful advice! 
    Newbie of formulation
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