Best SPF in vivo testing lab in the US or Worldwide? List of options

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I'm shopping around for 10 panel in vivo SPF tests and most companies charge similar amounts, $255 - 290 per subject. It's very hard to know which one to pick, and since it's a significant investment It'd be nice to pick a good one the first time around. So:

1. Which labs are the most punctual?
2. Have the most accurate SPF scores?
3. Have the best customer service?

Here's a list of US labs I've found, let me know if it's missing any and your experience with them. So far I haven't found any suitable labs abroad.


  • Hello Zink,

    I stumbled across your question here and hope that others will respond since I happen to work for one of the 6 labs that you have listed there. As someone who is bias, I will refrain from answering however I am curious as to what you personally feel as well as others is the best in each of the 3 areas you selected.

    I would also like to add the following questions 

    4.) Which if any have you had a problem with for whatever reason?
    5.) Seems the most knowledgeable or offers the best technical support?
    6.) Has been the best value based on all factors + price?

    Also, one of the 6 you have listed is currently under investigation by the FBI, which as of yet I haven't gotten any clarification as to why. 
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