"Rock-Like" Over Hardening Paste..How to Overcome it?


A viable dishwashing Paste formulation must achieve a certain desired level of hardeness after it is packaged,and just before it is sold, typically 5mm penetrability

In the other Hand it should not harden to such an extend OVER TIME that it develops a "ROCK-LIKE" texture and become unsuitable for use.

I found out that the Hardening is achieved through Sodium Silicate.

My current formula tends to harden fast and develop into "Rock-Like" texture within a week.

So i reduced the Sodium Silicate content and then it took almost 4 weeks for it to harden to a desired level....which is too long to wait (cost issues..etc).

Anybody having some ideas to overcome this problem please share with me.

The current composition is:
water, naoh, labsa, sodium silicate, sodium  carbonate, sodium sulphate, calcium carbonate, glycerine, dye,scent,preservative. 
Thank you in advance. 


  • Chemist77Chemist77 Member, PCF student
    A glycol or a hydrotrope should be a good option here.
  • BILOBILO Member
    Will try it out and get back .
  • frdiazfrdiaz Member
    Hi Bill, I’m actually looking for a rock-like formula, can you please email me the percentages? Thank you
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