Guar H. C.

Some guars -especially the cheaper ones- are behave so badly. For example "N-Hance C261N". I tried to incorporate it in a shampoo in any possible way without sucess: pre-hydrate with citric, buffer with citrate, later addition directly to surfactants, addition with glycerin, change surfactants etc. Always precipitate from the 2nd day at 45c. Maybe some guars are not well manufactured. I have sucess only with Hydroxypropyl G.H.C. which is much more expensive!
Also the same bad results, with another cheap G.H.C.
Do you have any other idea to try with that guar?


  • Jaguar Hp 60 forms stable gels for up to 3 years.Make sure it is hydrated in water first before other additions.
  • Thanks for the suggestion DRBOB@VERDIENT.BIZ.
    All the "Jaguars" have almost double price from other guars but Solvay makes good manufacturing work.
  • What is your LOI and PH?
  • Thanks, dr. Bob. See your private messages.
  • Thanks. Have you tried Glucamate DOE 120? What viscosity are you looking for?
  • I'm o.k. with viscosity - don't need thickener. Citric acid thickens very well the solution. I use guar mainly for conditioning properties.
  • Why not use another cationic polymer Assume you are using cationic guar HPTG??Cellulosic polyquaternium 10 ??
  • Yes I know, I wanted a more "natural" profile with guar because i didn't know that polyquaternium are made from also natural Cellulose. But I must try polyquat 10 to see how it behaves in the solution. Also I was seeing some comercial products with similar LOI and guar h.c. and believed that it can be done.
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