How would I calculate amount by weight, of a powder in a liquid

I need to add .2% of a color powder to an amount of liquid.
How would I calculate the amount, in grams, of the color powder that would be required to go into 8oz of a liquid.
Thank you.


  • convert ounces to grams then multiply by 0.002
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  • You need to know the specific gravity/density of the liquid to convert volume in ounces to grams and use above math.
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    The liquid is milk
    I found a website that lists the weight of 8oz of milk as 245g.
    In searching, I learned that the specific density of milk changes with temp.
    So I assume I could actually just weigh the 8oz of milk and multiply that by .002...

    Thank you both.
  • Yes, measure out 8oz of milk and weigh it.
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