Colors and Pigment Percentages

Hi Everyone,

Is there a reference book, guideline pdf, paid classes, or any source material I can obtain (both paid and free) that lists the most common shades of Lipsticks, along with a set percentages (ratio) of pigment combinations that I should use to reach that specific shade?

I'm currently just using a color theory chart and it would greatly help if I can find such source material to streamline my process in developing new colors for lipsticks.

Any feedback will greatly be appreciated.


  • That sort of information would be considered highly proprietary, trade-secret-level information by the lipstick manufacturers. In other words, if anyone were to publish such information, they would most certainly be sued, and very likely be prosecuted for theft.

    However, that being said - there is a fair amount of information floating about in various places on the web that lists formulations for lipsticks. I'd say it's about 60/40 suppliers info to patent info, so it's not proprietary.

    No one has ever compiled that info into one place, though - maybe you could do it? (Think about it - if you spent several months on it, would you hand it over to your competitors for free?)
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  • Hello Robert! I highly appreciate your feedback, and yes I would agree with you if I'm asking for duplications of current shades that are in the market. Maybe my phrasing was terrible (sorry for bad English - it's my 3rd language).

    But what I was referring to, is a color spectrum chart and the possible pigment considerations for each color family (Peaches, Pinks, Mauves, Nudes, and etc). And from that sort of root color family, I'd be able to tweak the combinations to create my the exact shade I want.

    Anyways, since the post date of my query, I've found a good resource material crossing Pantone's Color IQ with data from pigment suppliers I gathered.

    Thank you very much!
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