Cold Process Emulsion


I was reading about this process and was curios to know what is your experience in the cold process of preparing emulsions. Also if you can list some emulsifiers you have used would be great. 
I tried a simple formula with sepineo p600. The process was incredibly fast, but it appears this excipient is very expensive. 

Thank you


  • I have not used Speineo P600 ... looks interesting.

    I have used Sucrose Stearates (Sisterna), Hydresia Oleosomes (Botaneco), Sucragel (Alfa).  

    Hydresia Oleosomes need to be combined with another emulsifier (either Sucragel or Sucrose Stearates) ... If used solo, you always get separation.

    The issue is the sensorial which not really a cream feel, but more like a serum. Also, the emulsions using these cold process emulsifiers are water-thin.

    All-in-all, my clients have liked the products developed using these emulsifiers.
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  • Nice detailed info! Thank you
  • I have tried the Permulen polymeric emulisfiers (Lubrizol). These worked well and were reasonably easy to use. Unfortunately the product never made it to market due to other factors but the emulsifier was good.
  • @ozgirl, I have Pemulen TR1 and TR2 available in-country. Which would you recommend?
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  • @Belassi - It depends on your application.

    I was working with TR-2 because I was trying to incorporate some botanical extracts and oils into a facial serum. TR-1has higher viscosity but was not recommended for ionic systems.

  • I have samples for both of premulen types, but never used, Are those considered expesive emulsifiers?
  • I am very fond of Optasense RMAIS, Vicoptime SE and Viscoptima PL from Croda. Depending on your claims, any of these three is sufficient already, just add water, fragrance, actives and preservative.
  • These kind of premixes have so many advantages and the best thing I like is the way they form gels, very fast and with low stirring speed, in fact you don't even need a stirrer, just manual stirring is enough. 
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