peel off mask

Hi All,

I am working on peel off masks and this is my formula:

13% PVA
10%  Ethanol
0.5%  polysorbate 20
0.5%  Propylene glycol


Compared to the other products on the market, this formula has lower adhesion power and dries slower. Do you have any suggestion for drying faster and also better adhesion on skin?

I have used polyvinyl alcohol from CCP and I tested Bp24 and also Bp20 grades.


  • You should increase pva and ethanol %
  • PVA should be at least  8--10% and increase ETOH  to 20-25% for a drying time under ten minutes.If adhesion problems persist remove or lower the polysorbate as surfactants promote de--adhesion.
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    DRBOB@VERDIENT.BIZ thank you for your answer.
    yes, increasing ethanol to 20% decreases drying time but it causes eyes stinging and its so bad. do you have any other idea?
  • 15% PVA and 10% Ethanol is quite typical for these formulations.  

    What is the purpose of including Polysorbate and Propylene Glycol in this formulation ...

    And, what are you expecting this product to do other than dry and peel off the skin ... you don't have any "skin actives" included.
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  • @MarkBroussard I want to have a peel off mask with maximum adhesion for removing blackheads.
    and it is important for me if it could dry as fast as possible.
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