custom sample base order-what i was offerd

hi guys
i want to consult with you with what is the right direction to take with an offer i got
i found a lab\factory here in the us who manufacture a kind of base cream who is very similar to what i have looked for a long time .i approach them and asked the rates of formulation lab hour to get the changes i want to make in that base{make it more "runny"silky and hydrating . they answered 130$ per hour but they also said that once i have decided on the changes and happy with the final product i need to sign a contract that the new formulation is only theirs and im not entitled in every way to use it again if i will not continue with them the production and they also stated that they will not share it with no one{funny everyone can see it on the ingredients list} now after watching perry for a few times i understand that every formula can be copied or at list be similar to the one i want .
anyway i can buy the the bulk without any changes or to take what they offerd they also explain they do not run stability test and shelf life and i need to approach a third party ,what do you think?in general and can you recommend me where is best to run a stability&shelf life tests please?i apologize on the bad english & want to say thank you in advance :)


  • You would be paying them to modify their existing formula. Unless you paid for the development of a new formula for yourself, I think they are not being unreasonable. You have not said what your intended use/market/qty is so I won't comment further.
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  • thanks belassi on the fast response ,i just wanted to hear a pro opinion someone with experience if its sound reasonable,just for example i did a similar process with a factory in canada who asked for lower rates per lab hour but asked me to order minimum of 50 gallons if i liked the batch .im going commercial but starting "small" 25 gallons if thats help understanding 
  • Stability is important and if they have to go a third party, there are likely hidden charges.Also you will not own formula they will but you can easily duplicate it if they go out of business.What about safety and preservation?
  • thank you DRBOB on your comment, preservation is included the safety i will double check  :)
    any of you know the rates for stability test rates in the us?thank you
  • Rates probably vary, as for example for our clients we do complete accelerated stability at same rate for formulation as it is part of the process.Points are 50C four weeks--38 C 3 months and ambient RT 2 years:also 6 cycles of freeze/thaw-We-monitor Phase stability--PH--Viscosity--color and odor for Cosmetic Lotions/Creams.Stability report--Preliminary Specifications for scale-up.
    Six cycles of F/T  plus 4 weeks at 50C is enough to get product going.We double check using two person make/sign/witness on scale up (Liter Batches) for both safety and preservation.
  • thanks on the information  ,what amount of the product is being send to the lab for test {liter is enough or all the amount?}
    ?are u located in the us?how can i contact you?
  • We are located in the US  NJ).One liter is quite enough and contact info is on website or direct  
  • dears, i want some help please. kindly advise a preservation method or a preservative ingredient to extend the shelf life of hair gel to 5 years instead of 3 years.
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  • I don't know where to click 
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  • Our lab offers full ownership at the end of formulation.

    Let me know if that is something you're interested in.

  • thank you emily.flemer
    i will like to hear about do you have a site?
  • if you want to scale up to 300-3000gal batches I can put you in contact with someone as well!  we also do formulation/dev/packaging/stability etc etc etc.  OTC and Cos.
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