Conditioner bars vs liquid conditioner

I would like to experiment with making conditioner. I have only made anhydrous items and would like to try other things.In terms of preservation are bars more easily preserved than regular conditioner since there is little water content? I am following a recipe from swiftcraftmonkey as a guide and wanted to use optiphen plus as a preservative. I have read that it causes instability in emulsions and wanted to know if that would be a problem with a solid bar conditioner.

I have afro textured hair that need lots of conditioning. This the recipe I came up with based on the one from swift!

65% BTMS
10% cetyl alcohol 
5% cupuacu butter 
5% cocoa butter
5% broccoli seed oil
2% silk peptides

4% honeyquat, 
2% panthenol
1% fragrance 
0.5% vitamin e oil
0.5 % optiphen plus



  • Why so much BTMS? Could be severe eye irritant. I think you don't need preservative as bar is anhydrous. You may also need a plastizisor such as maltodextrin.Alao neeeds slip so add a silicone
  • Thank you! The original formula has 60% BTMS and states the purpose as keeping the bar solid as well as functioning as an emulsifier. I haven't worked with BTMS before so I didn't know it can be irritating at high levels. Do you think reducing to 50% and increasing the hard butter would help?
  • We can assume your payoff on wet hair to make a 10% solution which would provide 5% BTMS ((in use) if you reduced it to  50% which should be okay.Raise cetyl alcohol and butters proportionately.Have you made the bar yet?
  • No I haven't! I wanted to get some advice before plunging ahead and I wasn't sure if I needed preservatives since it will come in contact with water and has honeyquat. Thank you for your input!
  • well i have made conditioner bar with 65% BTMS and so far it doesnt make my eye irritant. My advice you still need preservatives. i use liquid germall plus and put the conditioner in my bathbroom, it become wet and the mold grows after long time i dont use the conditioner so yeah you really need preservatives.

  • @DinaAruni ;
    Did the mold occur even with the germal plus? Wow that is crazy! I definitely don't want moldy conditioner bars

  • You are likely forming slush after use which means water is unevenly distributed throughout the bar.The germall as a result is not evenly distributed ie. Homogeneous and as a result ineffective. Under the conditions not likely any preservative will work.
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