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  • All very well making excuses after the damage is done but, this situation should never have arisen. Where was their "due diligence" during manufacture? Where were their QA procedures? How on earth did these faulty products get into the marketplace in such large numbers?

    I note from their website that the wipes are "Responsibly made in China" if it weren't so potentially serious it would be a joke.

    The moral is: Don't rely on silver citrate as a preservative

  • Wow! I just saw this "made in China"...
  • I also noticed on the website there are "no stock" and "sold out" notices.
  • String 'em up!  This deceptive brand really needs to change its ways. 
    I know micro contamination happens but when you formulate without proper preservation you deserve every bad thing that happens to you.

    Don't let fear marketing interfere with your ability to make safe products.
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