Thickner agents in Hand sanitizer

hello every one. I have make hand sanitizer and in this i have use Carbomer 940  as a Thickner agents but I am facing problem with 940. Sanitizer become very cloudy not transparent my question is
i am mixing correct product or is there any Substitutes for Carbomer 940


  • You need to provide more details about your formulation/product and how you are preparing it.
  • thanks

    My formula is 

    Deionized Water as a Base liquid
    Carbomer 940 as a Thickener
    Glycerine as a Humectant
    Ethanol as a Biocide
    TEA as a Neutralizer
  •  - - and your method of preparation is?

    Note that Carbopol 941 has better flow characteristics in a product such as this.
  • fist i had mix carbopol with water and put ethanol and tea last glycerine
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    Better to:
    a) mix the ethanol and water and allow the gases to disperse (the gases are simply air that has been dissolved in the water - these dissolved gases may be the cause of your cloudiness).
    b) mix the Carbopol with glycerin then add most of the premixed ethanol & water.
    c) add the TEA mixed with the remaining ethanol/water mix to the main bulk and mix until homogeneous. Avoid entrapment of air.
  • thanks i will try and let u know..
  •  And you must use distilled water or deminarlized water to avoid cloudiness 
  • Ayman - good point!
  • hi
    i have use Carbomer with viscosity 42000 cps. i am not achieved correct thickness please suggest me the correct viscosity of Carbomer.

  • Change the quantity of Carbomer if the viscosity does not meet your requirements.
  • Swap the TEA for AMP and you should get a nice clear gel
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