Hi team, I was wondering if anyone can give some guidelines with this ingredient please.

I packaging my personal care products i.e. Bath Whips and Scrubs in transparent packaging and am looking to add this product to help avoid color fade.

Anyone use it and can give me some guidance on use please? I had a look at the suppliers page and it is suggesting to also include some of these: 
Useage Instructions: Benzophenone is soluble in water,  alcohol and propylene glycol. It required neutralising with either Triethanolamine at a ratio of Benzophenone-4 1 / Triethanolamine 0.5 or with Sodium Hydroxide at a ratio of Benzophenone-4 1/ Sodium Hydroxide 0.13.

I am also trying to source this ingredient - maybe  it would be better?

Tinogard® HS



  • benzophenone-4 is very simple to use: it'll dissolve easily, you only need 0.1% w/w of it (or less, depending on the dye) and it doesn't need to be neutralised

    in fact, it's best keep to the pH below 7 or else it'll turn bright yellow
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  • Thanks so much Bill I appreciate you. I wasee told  by the same company that it is not compatible with Magnesium Sulphate agrrh  is very difficult to get information I am finding ☺
  • I wasee told  by the same company that it is not compatible with Magnesium Sulphate

    Do your products contain magnesium sulphate? If no then that is not a problem. If yes, what function does the magnesium suphate perform? Can it be replaced?

  • Hi John some of them do yes and those are exfoliatesome hmm moist of my products don't. So it looks like I may have to do some  problem solving around that issue, perhaps change out for sugar etc.  but then face a shorter product life due to sugar resolving.  
    It's all a balance isn't it.  I take appreciate the help thank-you
  • Maybe even Sea Salt  or table salt?
  • So I am considering swapping out the Epsom Salt in our scrubs to Organic & Locally Sourced Sea Salt . From looking at this files attached I am pretty sure it would not be considered a Magnesium Salt right? 

    Thank you in advance for your assistance :)
  • The above is 97% sodium chloride (natural sea salt) so should be Okay and does not contain Mg salt/s.
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