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This is a message to Perry. Any other regulars here may want to add to my request.

Chemists Corner is open to anyone (I wouldn't wish otherwise) and all new members have the opportunity to give a brief résumé of their knowledge and experience in the industry in the introductory Welcome page.

All too often this is left uncompleted and a "Not much happening here, yet." message is all the information we can get.

As it is, with these members, anyone offering help has no idea about the level of experience or expertise or size of business in which the member is involved. So here we may be under the impression we are advising some industrial mogul when, in fact, it is someone making artisan products in their garage.

By knowing more about who we are replying to we can pitch the level of answers to suit. For example, it would be pointless advising an artisan maker to use materials only obtainable in tonne quantities when all that is needed is a few grams.

Don't get me wrong on this. I am all for encouraging the small maker (usually) but without background information, this can be made very problematic.

So, my request is that as a condition of joining Chemists Corner, at least some pertinent information should be included on the Welome page.


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