dimethicone in water

Hi all,
I am new to cosmetic science and eager to learn more.
I have a quick question, dimethicone is not soluble in water at 1% as I can see a thin layer of oil on top of water layer and I am trying to solubilize it by adding 1% tween 80 with a vigorous mix at 40C. However it doesnt seem to work as there are still two layers and the solution looks more cloudy.
I know its a simple question to most of you but Could someone please explain?
thank you !


  • You're not going to succeed going that route. Instead, use a water-dispersible silicone, e.g. Silsense DW-18.
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  • You can also use DC 193 Fluid from Dow Corning  inci  peg 12 Dimethicone  which is water soluble and surface active
  • should it be premixed 1% of dimethicone in 2% of tween 80 then only added into the water?

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  • yes--an emulsifiable concentrate is always better but you may need higher ratio of P_80--
  • DrBOB- thank you !  what ration of P_80 that you are suggesting?

  • Are you sure that dimethicones are soluble/dispersible in polysorbates?
  • not sure which is why suggested using silicone copolyol whih is water soluble.What do you think?
  • I tried 2:1 ratio of tween 80:dimethicone- I premixed  1% of dimethicone in 2% of tween 80 at 45C and then added into water but didnt work- Maybe I am better off going with water soluble silicone. thank you all !
  • Oppss...i knew it. Tween 20 can only solubilize oil in water but not silicone. My mistake, sorry about it. 
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