Water for cosmetic formulating in the U.K

Can anyone recommend a source of good quality deionised water in the U.K? I was recommended Carplan deionised water on a British cosmetic formulators forum and, don't know if I got a bad batch, but it has floaters and what looks like mould in it, pretty disgusting. I've bought distilled water on Ebay before and it ended up being rubbish. Thanks in advance.


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    If you don't want to buy a deioniser then a Brita water filter will do a similar job (but not quite as efficiently).

    Remember that neither of these methods will sterilise the water so you should boil it before use.
  • Thanks guys! 
  • I'm hoping to find an alternative to home distilling at this point for simplicity so thought I would examine a few other options. 

    I came across this stuff, Baxter Sterile Water. Its distilled/sterile. On the bottle it states, "this solution is not isotonic and is hemolytic." In the listing it states it is hypotonic, I presume this reflects the fact it is low in salt content? 


    Does this look like it would work for formulating cosmetics, I will be using it for products with a toner like consistency ? Kind thanks! 
  • The product itself may be OK but the problem with most, if not all, eBay sales is that they are here today, gone tomorrow. If you want continuity of supply you would  be better looking elsewhere. The same product is available from several sources - with probably a more consistent supply chain.
  • Thanks John, I hear you! I have found a ton of sources for this product, Ebay, Amazon and a multitude of online chemists so it should work for my ultra low scale operation. 
  • A bit of advice.

    Remember that sterility is lot almost as soon as you open the container. If you are not using the whole of the contents in one go I suggest that you add whole whole quantity of the preservative you will be using in your product to the water.

    If you are making different products with different preservatives, do the same with each bottle you open and mark them carefully.
  • Brilliant advice, thank you! 
  • I would not recommend a Brita water filter for this task.  There are some good options on Ebay as someone noted above.  I have colleagues that have used them with great success, and some are reasonably affordable.
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