Colour Stabilizer

I face problem with Colour stability in Hair Shampoo and Body wash

pH of the final product is pH5 - pH7

I've been using
Trade Name:  Cibafast H Liquid
INCI Name:    Sodium Benzotriazolul Butylphenol Sulfonate, Buteth-3,                          Tributyl Citrate*
Percentage:   0.04%

at this moment..only Purple colour starts to fade and the other colour still remain as day 1

I am using Food Powder Colouring in the formulation and previously I am using Benzophenone 4 as the Colour stabiliser but it is worse than using Cibafast H Liquid as Colour stabilizer. The short wavelength colour fade easily within 48 hours.

can anyone guide me with better solutions?


  • which dyes are you using, exactly? 

    also, is the water in the product chlorinated? (excessive chlorination can cause rapid colour fade)
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  • Sir

    I am using 0.001% of Brilliant Blue and 0.003% Carmoisine

    Our facilities Water source treated, and we have Reversed Osmosis Water and Deionized Water. For formulation mentioned above, I am using Deionized Water

  • I have

    1 sample expose with lighting in Display Cabinet
    1 sample keep indoor on my office table
    1 sample stored in uncontrolled temperature (which can exceed maximum 50 degree Celcius)

    only indoor sample remain the original colour while the rest fade
  • Addition of sunscreen agents will help you for colour stability

  • I have had a similar issue and eventually had to change the red dye. No other way, can delay but cant prevent. 
  • UV filter will help with light but heat implies hydrolytic instability.I would just change the colorant.
  • Thank You all

    I will change the colorant and find the most convenience uv stabilizer to delay the color change.

  • You can try the Oxynex ST Liquid from Merck. It works better than benzophenone.

  • thanks @georgiax   ;)

    will contact the sales person for sample
  • I had similar problem in my liquid soap. I tried Tinogard Q it work very well but it is highly costly. 
    Then i used Benzonphenone-4 at concentration of 0.1% it works well as well and is cost effective as well.

    Best option is Tinogard Q by BASF if cost is not the problem
  • I have the same plroblem with my liquid detergent colour i use blood red and bit of caramel colur to make dark red it becomes totally white like water all the colour fades away after 3month even it stored inside box can anyone help me on this
  • Virtually all of the colours you folks mention are not stable at certain pH levels.  This could be the cause of your problem, not UV light.(Cibafast works quite well in normal conditions.)  Also, if you have alkyl quats or alkyl amines present in your formula - watch out.
  • i use blood red and bit of caramel colur to make dark red it becomes totally white like water

    Surprised that caramel fades to white.

  • I've had all sorts of colour changing problems with clear shampoos. Sunlight is a very strong agent for bleaching colours.
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  • @chemicalmatt
    I've been using Cibafast since 2005 and facing no problem at all with colour stability. But this time, I also wondering what is behind the colour stability issue.

    In the formulation, I just collaborate SLES, SLS, Betaine, PQ7, Kathon CG (Preservatives), Fragrance, Cibafast, and Colour.

    As per mentioned earlier.. I use Cibafast in almost every formulation without any colour stability issue...

    Now..I try on to increase the Cibafast from 0.03% to 0.06% and run the colour stability testing.

    will update here the results in few weeks.
  • @Belassi
    I do agree with you

    in Malaysia...10% Erythrosine solution in Aqua will fade away within a week
    (condition : room temperature, Storage : Office table without direct sunlight)
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