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I would like to start a nail polish line with custom colors.  So does anyone know how to formulate a suspension base maybe 10 free with high shine? I would like to start as a home based business first to test the waters.



  • Are you in the US?
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  • Wherever you are located, you really should find out a lot more about your product before you even think about making or marketing.

    Nail polish is particularly problematic. Anything much larger that a shot glass size of production will need fire department approval.

    Because of the specialised nature and safety problems associated with nail polish it is normally restricted to a few specialist blenders to manufacture - even the very large cosmetic companies contract out like this.

    Having said that, it is possible - even preferable - to buy nail polish bases for colouring yourself. This saves a long process of dissolving the resins and does absolve you of requiring to know quite so much about the product. It does not cut out the fire safety requirement, though.
  • Thank you for your feedback and yes I am in the US.
  • I don't see any difference between nail polish and cellulose car paint. They are both the same base. Therefore I don't see why not just repackage car paint into little bottles and label it. Johnb is correct, this is highly inflammable stuff with a low flash point. Not only that but the vapours are intoxicating.
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    the fundamental reason nail polish is such a huge fire risk, and why very few manufacturers make it from scratch, is because it involves handling cellulose nitrate, which, although it's well-behaved in solution, is EXTREMELY flammable and prone to ignition when dry; and once it's alight, it's very difficult to put out

    compared to cellulose nitrate, the solvents are relatively easy to handle, provided that proper care is taken
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  • Does anyone know any nail polish suspension base manufacturers? If I get a base then I could add my own mica powders. 
  • Fiabila, International Lacquers, Chromavis (formerly Durlin). 
  • Thank you do you know any US based manufacturers that can sell suspension bases?
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    A Google search will reveal what you want to know.

    Keywords: nail polish manufacturers in usa

    Please note that I am not being sarcastic in offering this reply - as I have been accused recently when offering Google links. I am only trying to help.
  • Be aware that this suspension base is highly flammable/explosive, and needs to be mixed and stored in an explosion-proof room, for insurance reasons if nothing else.

    If you mix suspension base with powders and there's a fire, your homeowners insurance will pay you absolutely nothing, not to mention all the legal trouble you'll get into.

    Stick with the private label nail polish companies - it's much safer.
    Robert Zonis, Sr. Formulation Chemist, Beaumont Products "All opinions and comments expressed are my own, have no relation to Beaumont Products, are fully copyrighted, and may not be used without written permission."
  • Thank you for the feedback.
  • The only thing I do not like about private labels is that you can only use colors that they have available.  
  • I agree I have my bases in a room with good ventilation.. opted to by bases. instead of creating my own.. the fumes are horrible. 
    bases can be sold at several Artisan store online. do a search for glamour polish  base etc. or franken polish. also Manufacturers will sell their base at gallon pricing if you meet there min amount. otherwise they may charge you a fee.
  • also when mixing with bases. you may have an issue mixing oxides with them.
    my work around is a silicone and denatured alcohol blend which I mix with my oxides. this will prevent any lumps and granulation that may occur.

    another tip  for matte polish ( which i don't recommend as it tends to chip faster than using the matte over coat) is adding nylon or fumed silica .. this in itself can create a matte over coat or polish.. you can also add scent to your polish bases. ( again pointless since the scent wears off quickly)..  
    you can also add kaolin clay to create a harder base.. 
    hope this is helpful  
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