Oxalic acid

dear experts,

i would like to use Oxalic acid in my floor cleaner.
any one has experience with such material?
what is the recommended usage level?


  • Why use oxalic acid? It is toxic and thus not entirely suitable for domestic use. It is also unsuitable for a number of surfaces e.g marble/lime cement/concrete where the acid reacts with the contained calcium and ruins any decorative or polished surface.

  • Oxalic acid is not a weak acid such as citric, it is equivalent to using sulphuric or hydrochloric and it is very inimical to people.
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  • sure the oxalic acid is used as wood bleach....but the oxalic can give a shine effect on marble and hard surfaces in general.
    can you please advice any alternative for oxalic acid. that can give a shine effect.....?
  • Use oxalic acid it at 5.0 - 7.0% for stone floor polish, where it creates the effect you name specifically because it reacts with divalent alkali metals such as Ca and Mg present in stone surfaces.  You are not going to eat this product, just treat your floor with it, right?. Standard safe handling procedures apply.
  • chemicalmatt, i am willing to use this RM about 3%  only.
    do you think that is gonna be effective?
    is it compatible with ethoxylated fatty alcohol and sles?

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