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Hello All,

I'm desperately in need of help in formulating a sheet mask that doesn't irritate skin. Over the course of the past few months, I've been inquiring suppliers,  looking for articles on how to formulate these and haven't been able to find anything. Does anybody know of a supplier who can be of help? 

A typical ingredient list for this kind of formulas is the following:
Trisodium EDTA
Humectants (Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Propanediol)
Plant extracts (for marketing claims only)
Xanthan gum (to give the serum some body)
Solubilizer (primarily PEG-60 HCO but also Polysorbate 80 or 20)
Dipotassium Glychyrrizate (anti-irritant)
Preservatives (¨mild preservatives¨to avoid irritation)

I have checked pH of many masks on the market and they all range from 4.8, 5.4,5.6, 6.4 and even found one with pH of 8.25!

Discomfort sometimes happen on certain areas of the face such as nasolabial primarily while wearing the mask. Redness after removing. In other instances there's no discomfort at all while wearing but a few minutes after removing the mask, a severe burning sensation is felt and face suddenly turns red. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated



  • Do you have a customer waiting to buy these? The reason I say this is that here in Mexico, our marketing of sheet masks AT ANY PRICE was a dismal failure. We saw the same happen when a competitor tried it. If you are planning to sell these to consumers I strongly suggest you source some from Korea or Taiwan and see if they sell, before investing time and development.
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  • @Belassi
    Thanks for the recommendation! I do however have a customer waiting for these so we must formulate.

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