Best way to start in the cosmetic industry?

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What is the best way to get experience in the cosmetic industry?  I have a master's in marine science where I spent a lot of time culturing algae and also learning a bit about analytical equipment.  I've realized that my passion lies in cosmetics, so I am trying to gain experience in the field so I can eventually become a formulator. I have been applying to all of the positions that I can find on job boards like and through individual company's websites, like Avon and L'Oreal, and have been trying to learn as much about the industry as I can.  I haven't been having much luck with getting any interviews, is there anything else I should be doing?  Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks!


  • I think like any entry level jobs, you need to persevere and email individuals in companies and persuade then to offer you work experience/ internship. I think you need to find their names and email then individually. Hope this helps.
  • Hi khoppe,
    try targeting companies that are focusing on emerging green ingredients like "Heliae".  Hope that helps, good luck!

  • I'm new to the industry as well and I find that CEW and SCC are great resources to utilize when you're a newbie.
  • You can even visit the companies of your interest and discuss with them about your passion and how willing you are to learn more about products , it might help
  • The Society of Cosmetic Chemists (abbreviated "SCC") has websites for the various chapters around the country. This is probably your best bet.  Subscribe to the newsletter.  Check out the job listings for the chapter that is closest to you. You can also research and find job agencies in your area and tell them what you are looking for and find jobs that way. With no experience, you may have to cut your teeth for a year or two as a "lab technician" or "associate formulator/chemist".

    If you are serious about pursuing a career in Personal Care and Cosmetics, I can't emphasize how helpful education is.  Experience is nice, but I feel like the effort I have put into educating myself about cosmetic chemistry has allowed me to utilize the experience I have gained more efficiently. This website offers a "Complete Cosmetic Chemist Training Program" which is fantastic. Again, if you are serious about pursuing this type of career, this is an investment that will pay huge dividends down the road, and make you much more hireable.
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    All valid points above.

    My 10p worth as an addition

    If you are looking to get a foot in the door, don't forget to look at the private label sector. No they don't have the "Brand Cachet" of say L'Oreal or Avon, but they don't have the rigid structure either.

    Private label has the advantage that you get a much broader experience of cosmetic products, than just say one sector such as haircare.

    Also raw material suppliers need formulators to knock together example formulations. With your background I can see manufacturers of marine based actives, or algal derivatives taking you very seriously indeed

    UK based, Over 20 years in Toiletries, After a 5 year sabbatical doing cleaning products, back in the land of Personal Care
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    I second Duncan on that with my own experience, I have been able to learn a bit working with pvt label players, go to a big brand and you have a restricted responsibilty or lets say limited pre defined job. Exceptions exist with degree of education.
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