crystal clear body-wash batch turns hazy

Hello all,
Here I have a question about a clear body wash issue...
I have been making several times so far the Carbopol Aqua SF2 based clear formula( that is pH sensitive) and it has always turned out great.
 This time I needed lower viscosity and tried a dilution in DI water of the thick clear gel,but the batch turned hazy, pH=6.5
Added citric acid to it, tried to thicken it up again, stays still hazy!
 What  can be done to clear it up? 
Thanks in advance!
Eva UK


  • It's hard to say from the info you gave. It could be air in the batch or it could be polymer kicking out of solution (or something else).  We'd need more information.

    I don't think lowering the pH is going to help with clearing it up but it might thin it out.
  • Hi Perry! Is not the air released in batch,checked this already! Also I neutralized the SF2 polymer with caustic to the optimal pH range of 6.5 and maintained the batch on same pH level.Is just the DI water added that is hazing up the batch...weird to me!
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    Can you provide the formulation and procedure here so that it will be much easier to guide you. 
  • Hi Chemist77,
    This is a very simple( basic) formula used for fragrance evaluation. The clear appearance is mandatory,as I am following the effect of various fragrances on that base.

    DI Water:44.4%
    Carbopol Aqua SF2 polymer:8%
    Cocam. Betaine:12%
    NaOH sol.18% :2%

    Eva UK
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    If the main function of this product is fragrance evaluation, I think that the inclusion of Carbopol Aqua SF2 polymer (in any quantity, not even approaching 8%) is unncessarily complicating the issue.

    Do you mean SLS or SLES? either way, what is the concentration?

    1% fragrance in a body wash is a high level and it may be that the surfactant combination is unable to tolerate that amount of some perfumes and remain clear
  • Why do you want to use the polymer, why not go with the conventional ionic salt. Are you going to suspend something in the formula, generally I would skip it if going the conventional way. 
  • The formula was stable before with different types of fragrances. This is not a concern! I was talking about the non-fragranced base, that got hazy by adding extra amount of DI Water.
    Yes, the main surfactant is SLS(28-30%).
    Concentration of fragrance is usually 0.5%, I just needed more for for this project!
    I just wanted to understand why the extra DI water has created haziness!

    Thanks all of you for the input!
  • Perhaps if you added the extra water at a different stage in the process it would be more miscible and remain clear - before neutralising the polymer for instance.
  • BTW I'm still of the opinion that this is a very odd formula if its major function is fragrance assessment.

    My own (admittedly limited) experience with  polymers like Carbopol Aqua SF2 is that they have their own pervasive odour which "leaks through" a number of fragrance types thus giving a false impression during assessment.

    I'm also mystified why SLS is used in preference to SLES which is much more soluble.

  • why do a dilution to lower viscosity particularly with C--SF-2.Just lower the polymer level to decrease viscosity.
  • DRBOB,now it's over and done with. I can'take off the SF2 polymer from the batch....This was a small lab batch, so I could scrap it...just was wondering about the haziness, as it never happened before!
    Yes Johnb, I am adding the DI water before the polymer neutralization,but  after dosing the main surfactant.
    BTW the SF2 polymer doesn't induce any off base odor and does not interfere with the fragrance at all..... my fine nose palls would notice this immediately! Usually our fragrances have a secondary solvent that is making them proper for water based formulations.
    SLS wasn't a preference to SLES, it was used in this thick formula,only!
    You right, usually I am using SLES as primary surfactant.

  • Hello All

    I do manufacture thick face creams ,but I recently observed there is a volume drop in my cream .the cream comes down  after  3 months and it starts to dry can anyone help me to come out with this problem
  • Sounds like air as we had similar so sonicate or pull vacuum ---Drying likely due to water loss.What resin are you using for package?
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