Learning Cosmetic Chemistry


I have a 4 year old skin care line and an ever growing interest in persueing a career as a cosmetic chemist, or at least finding some resources to begin acquiring this knowledge.  I am really interested in either a class I can attend or a lab that takes on interns.  I live in Sonoma County, Northern California.  Any suggestions??



  • In 4 years you haven't learned? Who designed your products?
    Design of anti-aging creams, gels, and serums; shampoos; and therapeutic cosmetics. In-house label and box design capability.
  • The California Society of Cosmetic Chemists is a place you should contact. I'll actually be doing a Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry course out there in October. And our online course is always a good option. http://chemistscorner.com/members
  • thanks Perry!
    Belassi, I produce everything myself...
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    Kalibean, there are many books about all cosmetics areas,  other option is your supplier, but the most important is the practice, the known of ingredients or actives.
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