Water based pomade

i making pomade based water, When I warm it up  forms dense bubbles and foams. I would like to know if anyone has a tip The foam that is left over the surface.


  • Try vacuuming the air out?
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  • a sonicator should also work if you warm to reduce viscosity and leave in overnight. 
  • Not sure how you are doing your mixing.  glass stir?  Stick mixer?  milk frother?

    Would need more info on your process. And temps.

  • In this case I am using a boiler, when the temperature rises above 50 degrees celsius, the product creates a thick foam. 
  • Still impossible to give you an answer without more details. I've never seen foam when making water based pomade. 
  • Try taking it it to a higher temperature and see if the bubbles subside. 
  • Maybe try altering your variables and parameters.

    Are you using constant or variable agitation?  Keep your heat below 50 deg. C (maybe at 40?--see if the foaming still persists?).
  • Do NOT keep heat under 50 c. Oils & waxes are to be heat at 80-85C. 

    again without knowing what ingredients you are using it's impossible to help determine what is causing the foaming .
  • @Chemist77  wouldnt heating it more be likely to cause more bubbles?
  • If it is ceteareth-25 based then yes it will. 
  • what about cetereath-20?
  • Try it, have seen it behaving better than 25 ethoxylate. 
  • try adding surfactants slowly beneath the surface and decrease agitation.
  • Hi, I have the same problem even with my sample batches being reduced only to ceteareth-20 at 29% and the rest 71% water, I tried reducing mixing speed to the minimum, what I get is only about half of batch clear. 
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