Hello Experts,
Much thanks in advance. I am trying to make a conditioner with my favorite cationic, BTMS. Problem is, I am sensitive to cetearyl alcohol. BTMS 50 (with cetyl alcohol) makes my a hair a frizzy mess (likely from butylene glycol). I'm trying to get my hands on a BTMS ONLY product so I can mix with cetyl alcohol on my own. Logistically, does anyone know where I could purchase this?

Also, I have tried behentrimonium chloride with lot's of stinging and irritation....hard to imagine they are so different and pH is listed as the same.
Thank you so much in advance!


  • Well how much behentrimonium chloride are you using? I have used it and only found it to be irritating at levels higher than 2.5%. So .5- 2.5% I have seen no irritation. 

    You could also consider using a different cationic component, such asStearamidopropyl dimethylamine. The pH has to be adjusted but it works. 

    I don't know of any wholesellers that sale BTMS to homecrafters. The closest I have seen is behentrimonium chloride.

    perhaps adding a silicone at 2% with the BTMS-50 could help combat the frizzies.
  • I'm a bit confused. You say that BTMS is your favorite cationic conditioner, yet you can only get it as BTMS-50, which you are sensitive to due to the presence of cetyl alcohol? And it leaves your hair a frizzy mess?

    How is this your "favorite", then?
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  • BTMS with cetearyl alcohol (BTMS 225) looks great on my hair but the cetearyl alcohol makes my scalp itch. For my facial moisturizers, BMTS 50 works beautifully, but for a conditioner BTMS 50 makes my hair frizzy-- on account of the butylene glycol. I'd love a BTMS-cetyl alcohol product or a stand-alone BTMS that I could mix with cetyl alcohol. Thank you for responding. I am out of my element!
  • Thank you so much Komirra,
    I'll try both the behentrimonium chloride at a lower percentage and the Stearamidopropyl dimethylamine. With what percentage would you start? Adjust to 6.5?

  • Good suggestion by @komirra, SAPDMA will definitely boost the conditioning. You will need to acid neutralize it to pH 3-4 though. 
  • @rettinsr
     I tend to neutralize mine to ~5 pH instead of 3-4, but then again I usually combine it with behtrimonium Chlroide or BTMS-50, so it will keep the emulsion stable. I have really dry hair, so I like SAPDMA at 2% and Behtrimoiun Chloride at 2%,  together. 
  • komirra, chemist77-- you guys saved me a world of trouble! Bringing down the pH's of my conditioners to around 4 helped enormously with the scalp burning. I have an embarrassingly extensive science education-- but nothing in cosmetic chemistry, and it shows! Now, I'm just trying to make a mixture that works for my hair: komirra, where do you get SAPDMA from? I couldn't find it in any of the usual haunts.
  • Thank you! I'll let you know how it turns out.

  • @rettinsr
    If you are in the usa, you can order this ingredient from This is where i order it from. But I also think it is avaliable at , but I have never ordered from this site. 
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