Cosmetic Formulation Software for Mac?


I saw Perry's list of software but was wondering if anyone was using something else?  I am looking for something that works with Mac and is affordable.

It would also be great if the software has a database of formulas that I can modify. 



  • I am interested in this too :)
  • Stephanie, as the first post remains unanswered, I think you are on to a loser with this request.
  • So John what did you end up using?
  • Stephanie, I started in this business more than fifty years ago - a time long before the general availability of the computer. In fact the computers that were available were about the size of a house and did little more that what can be done these days on the most basic pocket calculator.

    I have never relied on a computer for my work. Yes, a computer is very useful, especially the Internet, but I have to say that I still depend on my brain and experience to maintain my knowledge.

    A computer does not and cannot innovate. All it can do is churn out already known information relatively easily. It can manipulate the information but that is all.

    I take pity on a lot of people in current work environments who rely totally on what a computer can or will tell them. Their brains must pretty much stagnate with having so little to do and this is often reflected in the mediocre results that are pushed forward. Remember that ALL information obtainable from a computer has been loaded up, in the first instance, by a human.

    It is up to another human to be able to interpret information to a creative end whether that information is via a computer, printed words, hearsay or memory.
    The direct answer to your question:
    So John what did you end up using?

    My brain. With a little outside assistance from a variety of sources.

  • @Stephaniebonbon - I use Excel spreadsheets which work on both Mac and PC

  • We still use Excel for all our formulation work - why mess with something that's been working for years? I've recently switched to Google Sheets for my personal work, and that is virtually indistinguishable from Excel, at least for what I need.

    What features are you looking for in formulation software that wouldn't be available from Excel or Google Sheets?
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  • I actually took Perrys spreadsheet and made it amazing! I added macros for printing on page... an index - formulas to auto change from mass to % , and ingredient list in a dropdown form and the works. I went deep with it, have loved making it over the last 24 hours .. yep pretty proud. :) Thanks Perry for the base
  • @Stephaniebonbon - Great!  Perhaps you could share your improvements with the group.

  • As far as I know there is no formulation software so far. Once the formulation is ready - yes - there are plenty calculating price and INCI. But formulation software could be a winner - automatically calculate HLB - suggest emulsifiers when formulation goes wrong - preservatives suggested automatically based on pH and type of product..could be a nice idea.
  • Careful, David, you'll do yourself out of a job.
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    @johnb  - that's true - hey Perry- delete! :o :)

  • @David - not to worry. AI is not advanced enough yet to make that sophisticated of a piece of software. 
  • There are numerous Formulation software suites.

    The issue is that they are expensive and don't do everything.

    As such most companies rely upon Excel and their people develop their value by learning Excel. Microformulation Cosmetic Consulting provides Custom Formulations for both large Commercial accounts as well as smaller entrepreneurs. We can provide Naturally compliant Formulations under the NSF, NPA, Whole Foods and USDA Organic Certifications.
  • AI is not advanced enough yet to make that sophisticated of a piece of software. 
    Not sure about that! If Google translate can so such a good job and we already have self-driving cars..?
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  • @Perry , thanks, no I am not worried. :) The creative part in formulating is very hard to replace by AI - maybe even harder than making a self-driving car?

  • @Microformulation

    Cough. Considering your nick/handle. ;)



    ^^ update from Perry.


    ... and a comment; the real problem isn't the technology/system; its the regulatory and security concerns.  that is; what is your primary record, and how do you intend to protect your trade secrets (from hackers, disgruntled employees etc).

    moving from paper/simple worksheets, to something more complex, introduces business complexity that must be explicitly examined, and addressed.
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