When to use preservative?

I want to create a moisturizer for the lips using rose hip oil, aloe extract, vitamin E, and silica. Will I need to add a preservative to prevent this product from going bad? I am aware that vitamin E is an antioxidant and I know that products with aqueous ingredients need preservative, but are there any other factors that indicate I need it?


  • You should always use preservatives. The risk of not using them and someone getting seriously hurt is simply too high.
  • BobzchemistBobzchemist Member, PCF student
    Everything you make needs a preservative system. Always.
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    When I was a starter in this game, a development manager insisted that all his staff realised the importance of having products adequately preserved.

    To this end he arranged demonstrations of the microbial viability of the muck and grime found in the bottom of make-up bags, pockets, in the folds of wallets and other places dirt collected.

    After a few days culture the swabs we were required to identify the organisms that had grown and their potential for causing infections and disease.

    If anyone has any doubts about the necessity for antimicrobials, do a few checks yourself.

    Even anhydrous products can carry spores ready to be activated when conditions allow.
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