Small run digital labels for tube decoration

Is anybody looking for a small run digital labels for their products. We manufacture digital heat transfers with photo quality, specializing  in small production runs. We can offer runs as small as one label. Application of your labels can be done at our facilty also. We are located in the northeast. Please respond if you need any further information on our capabilities. Thanks, Tom

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    More information would be helpful, thanks. I will pass it on to our Purchasing department. The capability to digitally print tubes may be very useful soon.

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  • Hello Bob,

    Below is some more information on our process. In addition we have also invested in state of the art decoration equipment so that if you choose you only need one destination for your labels and application. The next step would be the filler. If you need any more info please feel free to ask.

    The digital printing technology allows an instant change on the press. PDF image files are loaded into the machine computer and automatically ripped. Image changes on the fly, sequential sections of image rows, serialization, integration of product security marks, etc. are simply possible.

    The electronically controlled color-to-color registration shows no visual tolerance. The quality inspected multi-colored image is transferred in a single step onto an article surface.

    Our process eliminates the complexity of conventional printing such as plates, screens, inks, solvents, material storage, environmental restrictions, skills, machine floor space requirements, etc.Hello Bob,
    The Digital Decorations printer is a CMYK printing device which provides
    excellent results from full color photographic images. It uses an electrographic
    dry toner process to deposit a high resolution image onto a carrier film.
    The printer is equipped with an additional station that prints a white toner layer
    beneath the image. This layer improves the color saturation particularly with
    dark or colored substrates.


  • this is a great option for decorating tubes.  pair it up with a professional level hot-air tube sealing machine and the results are outstanding.  Now small runs of tubes with professional graphics/seal quality are possible.
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