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  This is my first participation in this forum; I find it full of relevant information to the cosmetic formulation.


Then my first problem is: for the production of paper hygiene perfumed, I need a solubilizing (low foaming) to solubilize my perfume in the water, and what I would need a perfume fixative.


My second problem also related to the solubilization of perfume, but this time in hard surface cleaner (always a low-foaming solubilizing).

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  • the standard fragrance solubilizers in cosmetics are peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil or polysorbate 20

  • hello everyone
    I make perfume
    for the production of eau de cologne ,I need a perfume fixative
     thank you for answers

  • @David :Thank you for your feedback,  if i use polysorbate 20,PEG-40 hydroginated gastor oils  my formula will be very Expensive(Hard surface cleaner).

  • You may want to use procetyl aws from Croda ppg 5 ceteath 20
  • The cost of the solubilisers suggested is tiny compared with the cost of a fragrance compound.

  • @Hicham for your hard surface cleaner, do you use surfactants already? Like SLS, SLES, etc?
  • SLES, SLS will leave residue on the surface, mind it. APG would be a better choice with some solvents to aid the formula. 
  • Generally in my experience PEG-40 will solubilize but consider a ratio of PeG-40 to Fragrance (eu de cologne is around 4-7%) 3 to 1 w/w
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    A good perfume fixative is glycerin + labdanum or vanilla
  • This thread is becoming very confused with several distinctly different questions being posed.

    May I suggest that each party asking advice start a new thread.
  • Try Sepiclear G-7 ... Heptyl Glucoside from Seppic ... no foaming as a solubilizer.
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