Dishwash Preperation

Greeting All,
I have formulated a liquid Dishwash. Following is the conposition
Aqua 60%
Sles. 30%
Capb. 5%
Citric acid ( for chelation) 1%
Mp and pp 1%
Perfume trace
Salt 1%
I want to make a dishwash that moisturize as well. In a patent there is provided the use of cationic Polymer along with a humectant.
My question are

1) can we incorporate cationic polymer when we are already using Anionic Surfactant. If it is possible then which cationic polymer should be in there ?

2) Can lactic acid be used to provide Antibacterial as well as humectant properties ?


  • Supracare 425 from Dow Chemicals should help you for moisturization, it's a a high MW PEG polymer, as for lactic acid I have heard about it but not sure why and how much you would need that. It is anyway a dish wash detergent and it's just a new gimmick, severe shortage of novel ideas here. 
  • Chemist77 this superare 425 is not available at my Location. But Silicones are available. In a patent, polyquaterniums are suggented. Can I use these when my formulation contains Anionic Surfactant ?
  • Why don't you try and see then, but for polyquats I am not that hopeful since this preparation is strongly anionic. 

  • Hi Chirag, You can use the Lactic Acid, I am also using the Lactic Acid.
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  • @Avirock the link you sent is not much helpful as the videos are not fully technical although thanks a lot for taking out the time
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