Cosmetic Chemist working out of industry but wanting to reacquaint myself.

Hi fellow chemists,

I'm Tani and a Cosmetic Chemist - however when I graduated in 2004 I quickly went from product manager over to marketing as my prior degree was in Marketing.

I have worked closely with R'n'D but only within a 3P context as I was tasked to develop products and brands via outsourcing only.  As a result I effectively have not utilised any of my formulation knowledge in at least 9 years.

I have successfully launched a couple of brands for others and currently am Head of Brand - Europe for an FMCG company however I have to one day have my own brand.  With 6 years to go I am considering starting my own from home DIY kitchen style products for myself, then friends and family all just to get my hands dirty again - so to speak. Basically gradually reintroducing myself back into formulation work.

I have looked at some local formular courses but they are all far too basic yet I feel quite inadequate at delving right into formulation development at the same time.

My question is how would you recommend I refamiliarize myself with my roots in Cosmetic Chemistry?  Any key recap books/journals?

Any advice is welcomed.




  • PharmaSpainPharmaSpain Member, PCF student

    If you are really "disconnected" from your formulating capacities, maybe you can find helpful Perry´s formulation course:

    I may interesting this blog too (it is not high science but it is more scientific that most of others DIY blogs):

    Welcome to the forum
  • BobzchemistBobzchemist Member, PCF student

    When I did this several years ago, I found taking Perry's course very helpful, not only for the content, but also as a way to guide my additional searches for information. Each month, I started with his material, then worked to find as much more information on that topic as I could. As I did that, more and more of the information I'd originally learned as a cosmetic chemist came back to me.

    I also found interacting with people here on the forum to be helpful.

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  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    You sound like a perfect candidate for our course.  Let me know if you have any questions.
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