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Hi, Thanks for having a look at this. I'm seeking some experienced advice from people that have been in or around the cosmetic field for a good while.

Just a little background on me first. I have a bachelor's in Chemistry. I have a master's in Biochemisty. I have 6 months experience in cosmetic product formulations for a global cosmetic juggernaut. I have 3 months experience in QC work for a much smaller chemical distributor. I recently got a phenomenal chemist job that I really enjoy for another rather large cosmetic company with plenty of room to grow.

A side note I have tons and tons of other experience in a different profession, so I have traveled quite a bit around the world and have high level leadership experience in that field.

Now here is my question, I want to build up my resume/credentials further. My company will reimburse tuition costs for me to attend college given it has something to do with my current job or will increase my opportunity for advancement within the company. I would ultimately like to get a PhD at some point for my own goals, it's something that has always been important to me. However, based on my experiences and the advice I've seen on this forum a Ph.D is not critical to advancement in the cosmetic field. So here is my question would I be better off for the near future if I were to go back for my MBA in marketing or would I be better of going for another Master's in Cosmetic Science? I'm not sure if there's benefit to a Master's in Cosmetics since I already have a science related master's degree. Or is the answer both? I truly enjoy being in school and would not mind in the least spending another 10 years in school part time especially since my company will foot the bill.

My long term end goal would be to end up as a Senior Formulations chemist or a Senior Team Leader at a cosmetic company.

Thanks again for any input at all, I'm open to hear anything you have to offer.


  • If you are eyeing for a managerial position, then MBA is the way to go. 
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    The type of management skills you need for a mostly technical position like Senior Formulations Chemist or a Senior Team/Group Leader in a R&D position aren't at all the skills you'll get from an MBA. Director or VP of R&D? Then they would apply. If I had to pick, I would actually say that project management certification would be more helpful than either degree in terms of actually acquiring skills and knowledge that you'd need to do either of those jobs. (And yes, I have had both of those positions during my career.)

    But...getting an additional degree is at least as much about perception as it is about acquiring skills. The question you need to ask the boss who'd promote you really is: If a position as a Group/Team Leader opened up next month, and you were considering me for the job, would you see me as lacking technical skills, managerial skills, project management skills, or something else? Then, unless the boss says that the only thing you're lacking is experience within the company, you want to find out what sort of credential would most enhance your chances of getting that position. 
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  • Thanks for the useful articles.
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