seperation of bodywash at the that a problem ?

hello guys..
i am a regular reader of this blog i have recently formulated a bodywash using polyox water soluble resins,sles,cocodie and cocbetain and has creamy consistency but i see the small line of seperation at the bottom of the vessel in which i have prepared it.i didnt added any gms or any emulsifier as all the ingredients are easily mixed..i didnt used coconut oil in it as i wanted to formulate it works extremely well...what worries me is the seperation as i am interested in bulk manufacturing of his product, any help would be highly appreciated.


  • ozgirlozgirl Member, PCF student
    If you are getting separation when you are working with small volumes this will be an even bigger issue with bulk production.

    I am guessing that something in your formula is not compatible with your polyox resin. Maybe somebody who has worked with these resins can give you more insight.
  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    amdanish, is there a pearling agent in your formula? EGDS? EGMS? Euperlan? If so you might be kicking it out.  Polox polymer thickeners are compatible with just about everything, so it is likely another ingredient interaction.
  • More info is needed for help...the ingredients you posted are not the problem-and what is "cocodie"? google returns crocodiles....  I suppose you mean cocamide DEA
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