Shampoo CMC with no salt


Im trying to make a basic shampoo with no salt, using Carboxymethylcellulose as thickerner agent, my problem is leaves the hair harden, i dont know if it because the CMC, current formula:

SLES 70%: 10%
Cocoamide DEA 3%
CMC 1,2%
Sodium benzoate 0,35%
glicerin 2%
PPG 1%


  • Try it without the CMC and see !
  • Thanks :D, my problem is that i dont have another thickener available that suits with SLES.
  • Try Xanthan Gum and Guar Gum.
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  • Thanks Kirk, i just bought Guar gum, and going to try tomorrow.

    Btw its cocoamide DEA neccesary in my formulation?, i mean im ussing it thinking that its going to help in flash foam generation, but im not ussing it as thickener.
  • You don't really have to thicken it just to try it...
  • The Cocamide DEA is not usually regarded as a thickener itself. It shifts the salt thickening curve sideways allowing a smaller amount of salt to be used to thicken. It reinforces foaming which is good because your SLS percentage is not very high. Add betaine to thicken.
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  • I made   multpurpose liquid soap . Following are the ingredients. 
    Sles,salt,sodium hydroxide, sulphonic acid,cocoamide dea,  color and scent.feed back from customers that it is not best for tiles .please which ingredient can i add in my formulae for cleaningtiles Or removing tile grout. 

  • You don't actually need a thickener for your system.

    Create a formula without the thickener and without salt. Then run a salt curve analysis (using Sodium Chloride). This will tell you how much salt you need to achieve the viscosity you want.

    Note: Your Sodium Benzoate can also affect the salt curve.
  • 3 yr old thread spotted. 
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    Goodness @isaiah, cannot you start a new thread. Is it really necessary to insert your query in a 3 year old thread. 
    Coming back yo your Multi-purpose cleaner liquid, get rid of all those if your benchmark is like Mr. Muscle or something similar. You need a nonionic like an APG, another co- surfactant from Berol range of Akzo like Berol 260, a chelant, an ether like Dowanol PnB and you are good to go. Keep the pH on higher side just in case. Don’t forget the preservatives.
    PS: your anionics are going to leave a residue on the tiles and no one would like streaks on tiles.
  • Throw in upto 1% Benzalkonium Chloride and you have an anti-bacterial cleaner which can be diluted in various proportions depending on the need. 
  • i feel flattered, someone found my 3 yr old thread.
  • Have you resolved the issue? :smile:
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