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In the cosmetic industry, scientists design and create ingredients, finished products and engineer the processes that supply consumers with their personal care needs. People from diverse disciplines are involved in basic and applied research to continually create new or improve existing products. But not all careers in the field are within the realm of product formulation. Here is a look at a few other jobs in the cosmetic industry. career

Microbiologist – established product preservative requirements, evaluates anti-microbial efficacy and monitors manufacturing to control integrity.

Packaging Designer– creates novel or improved ways of apply, dispensing, or packaging a product and monitors stability to ensure integrity of packaging during shelf life.

Cosmetologist – assists in product development by evaluating products on consumers in test panels.

Perfumer– creates fragrances for cosmetic products and monitors fragrance stability.

Analytical Chemist/Quality Assurance Chemist – performs chemical evaluations of raw materials and finished products, develops new or improved analytical methods.

Toxicologist – evaluates raw materials and cosmetic products to establish their safety for consumers during usage and to company employees during manufacture.

Technical Sales Representative – supplies technical support and information, serving as a liaison between raw material supplies and finished goods houses.

Kelly Dobos

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Kelly Dobos

Kelly Dobos is a cosmetic chemist and expert in both skin care and make-up product formulation. She has the coolest job and a passion for teaching others the smartest ways to express their creativity through cosmetic chemistry.


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    I am an Aesthetician with a chemistry background (MSc)chemistry but not from North America.I am interested to get a job as a Cosmetologist ,I live in ON,Canada.I know about SCC but their are hardly any job postings on their website,what should be my mode of action to get a job in cosmetology

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    Sandy Becker

    I have a cosmetology license where can I go to get job postings as far as working with product formulations and process

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      Perry Romanowski

      What kind of job are you looking to get?

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    Hi Kelly,

    I recently graduated with my Doctorate in Pharmacy and I really want to work in the cosmetic industry. I have recently become a member of the Society of cosmetic chemist. Do you have any advice for finding an entry level jobs as a pharmacist in the cosmetic industry? Thanks!

    1. Kelly

      Hi Abby
      Joining the SCC is a great idea. Networking can be really helpful in making a connection. I would also looking for entry level positions posted on the various SCC chapter’s websites. The California, Midwest, and New York chapters often have numerous jobs posted. Hope this helps! -Kelly

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